Don E. Bower Inc. offers quality construction services for Northeast and Central Pennsylvania specializing in industrial, commercial and residential site preparation, street and road construction, small bridge construction and underground utility construction.

Established in 1973, we started doing residential driveways with an asphalt spreader box on the back of dump truck and a “Pup” roller. Since then, our business has grown steadily to become one of the largest locally-owned paving and site prep
contractors in Northeast Pennsylvania. Employing between 60 and 70 workers we provide a comprehensive range of construction services. Examples of work include excavation and grading, storm and sanitary sewers, water main, asphalt paving, concrete work and demolition.

Safety is a very important aspect of our operations. Don E. Bower has a company-established and mandated safety program that requires all our employees to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

We are dedicated and pride ourselves on the highest standard of quality in workmanship “For A Job Well Done.”

  • We have the professional, technical and equipment resources required to complete projects of varying scope and size.
  • Our management and field personnel have years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Our equipment is capable of completing all aspects of the scope of work and , if needed, we have the ability to obtain any additional equipment required from our suppliers.
  • Our experience and quality job record is well documented and verified.
  • Presently we are pre-qualified by PennDOT for all of the construction services mentioned above (on list as “Bower, Don E”).